BBA484: Global Strategies

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course grounds students in a field-tested framework for the design and implementation of successful global strategies for business.  Globalism is a 21st century fact of business, and this course helps students to master its risks and to profit from its powerful insights exploring such concepts as:

  • Competitive advantage
  • Multinational marketing
  • Multinational supply chains
  • Multinational innovation

In the course project, Global Strategy Report: Analyzing Eight Key Factors for Planning and Managing a Firm’s Global Strategy, each student will analyze concepts and factors for the planning and management of a global strategy for a firm that wants to do business with either China or India.  The final project report includes a detailed recommended global strategy for the selected firm.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate a firm’s competitive advantage -- its capacity to compete in its foreign market.
  • Evaluate the implications of cultural differences on a firm’s global strategy with a country they will be doing business with.
  • Evaluate a firm’s capacity to plan and manage multinational knowledge networks.
  • Evaluate the capacity of a firm to plan and manage multinational supply chains.
  • Evaluate a firm’s ability to plan and manage multinational marketing.
  • Evaluate the ability of a firm to plan and manage multinational strategic alliances in global strategy.
  • Estimate the risks and benefits of including “emerging economies” in global strategy.
  • Evaluate the capacity of a firm to plan and manage corporate social responsibility with respect to a country in which the firm does business.
  • Develop recommendations for how a firm can improve its global strategy for India or China.