BC300: The Art of Human Experience

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course explores how a variety of humanistic disciplines, including visual art, literature, music, and cinema can provide a window into society’s attempt to address fundamental questions about life and death, belief, morality, choice, freedom, and the development of the individual self. Course content emphasizes the ways that the humanities enable a society to explore its origins and envision its future.

The course project, Research Paper: Exploring the Human Experience Through Two Disciplines, involves exploring one theme, issue, or question about the human condition and how it is reflected in the works of two different disciplines. Students will build sections of their research papers each week and include discussions of how the selected topics are relevant in today’s environment.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Discuss complex works of art through analysis of style, structure, and cultural context.
  • Recognize parallel trends of development in literature, art, music, and selected works of popular culture.
  • Analyze the connections between different themes, historical events, and works of art, not in isolation but as they relate to each other.
  • Apply techniques of critical thinking, analysis, and research in exploring the ways in which the humanities both confront and reflect a culture and individual's conception of self.
  • Analyze works of art and discuss how they reflect the human condition and the knowledge of self.
  • Use the Internet as a research tool that can expand and enhance a study of the humanities.

Special Requirements

The text for this class includes a listening CD, Sounds of the Humanities for The Art of Being Human, that is required for completing assignments.