BC322: Business Presentations

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course helps students develop business presentation skills so that they can create and deliver clear and focused presentations designed to achieve business objectives. Course content progresses through the steps needed to develop and deliver a successful business presentation by:

  • Defining its goals and structure
  • Analyzing the audience, including the needs of remote audiences
  • Enhancing the presentation with visual aids, including PowerPoint
  • Anticipating audience reaction

The course project, Business Presentation: Developing a Presentation to Meet a Defined Goal, gives students the opportunity to present a business presentation using technology appropriate for a selected company. Students will create a recording of their individual presentations that incorporates key concepts from the course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Perform an assessment of his or her speaking skills and the current technological environment for business presentations.
  • Describe the different presentation types (proposals, briefings, training) and goals of business presentations (to inform, to persuade, to motivate).
  • Analyze the audience, plan a presentation appropriate for that audience, and develop the presentation using suitable technology based on the audience analysis and the objectives.
  • Enhance, enrich, and enliven the presentation with appropriate use of visual aids, PowerPoint, and other support materials.
  • Prepare to deliver a speech by rehearsing and anticipating audience reaction.
  • Combine individual communication skills with those of a team to develop and deliver a presentation.

Special Requirements

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint for creating your presentations. Additionally, you will need a microphone for recording narrations of your slides and a webcam.