BC352: Fundamentals of Business Writing

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Course Overview

This course explores the genres of business writing and strategies for composing effective documents in the workplace. The goal of the course is to assist you in 1) successfully writing in expected business genres, 2) developing a repertoire of writing techniques and skills to use in any business writing situation, 3) understanding the roles of research and persuasion in business writing, and 4) understanding the theoretical contexts that define the intellectual work of business writing.

In the course project, Formal Report and Presentation: Applying Business Writing Strategies, you will create documents throughout the course that build a foundation for a final formal report. In completing your project assignments, you will learn formats for different business writing genres, conduct audience analysis, integrate research into documents, and revise and edit documents.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Implement a successful business writing process in the creation of effective business documents.
  • Analyze business writing as a social, situated action within a specific community.
  • Analyze business writing tasks rhetorically, including audience, purpose, genre and topic.
  • Compose persuasive business documents with both verbal and visual elements.
  • Compose several business writing genres, including employment materials, email, letter, memo, report, proposal and PowerPoint—using the required formats for each genre.
  • Apply appropriate and professional style and conventions in business writing, including attention to word choice, grammar and syntax.