BC355: Business Communication Contexts

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course focuses on improving those communication competencies that organizations highly value:

  • Communicating with integrity and confidentiality
  • Proper use of basic writing and oral communication skills to effectively communicate with internal and external customers
  • Understanding business relationships and interacting appropriately, especially with international audiences

The course project, Consulting Project Report: Contributing to Corporate Communications, is a report to executives of Ashton Consulting (a simulated company used throughout the course). Each student’s report outlines his or her specific contributions to a consulting team designed to assist both internal and external clients with their communication challenges.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Integrate oral and written communication methods to present reports and proposals using appropriate persuasive strategies.
  • Build complementary presentations using oral and written modes, and determine when each is beneficial.
  • Use audience analysis of types, styles, and experience to improve communication decision making related to organizing information, selecting appropriate style and tone, developing the argument, selecting content, and building audience rapport.
  • Develop information based on evidence and inference to build persuasive presentations.
  • Communicate effectively within specific business organizations using appropriate communication strategies, including communicating for Human Resources, Operations, Administration, Customer Service, Marketing, and Sales.
  • Use business writing formats to build persuasive arguments and convey information efficiently and effectively.
  • Select appropriate organization structures in writing to convey information effectively to the reader.
  • Edit written material for precision, conciseness, and clarity.
  • Organize oral material to achieve a successful integration with written content.
  • Select appropriate visual material to support both oral and written presentations.
  • Follow a business problem through a variety of communication development processes, including outlines, drafts, and final reports or proposals.
  • Develop a longer report or proposal using appropriate business communication methods, including an executive summary, main report, and oral presentation design.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

Students will need Microsoft PowerPoint for creating the final course presentation.