BC372: Intercultural Communication

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course introduces students to key tools and concepts in intercultural communication, and explains their relevance against the backdrop of globalization dynamics in business, and everyday life. Through self-assessments, reflection assignments, and Forum discussions, students develop their awareness of the impact of intercultural communication on relationships and organizational outcomes. Students will examine such key topics as:

  • Globalization and the need for cross-cultural competence
  • Communication competencies for intercultural competence
  • The impact of culture and perception on intercultural communication effectiveness
  • Cultural dimensions as a tool for understanding patterns of behavior in groups of people
  • Intercultural conflict dynamics

The course project, Final paper: Reflection on My Intercultural Communication Competence and Its Value, is structured to help you prepare for an interview for a “simulated job” position in a company that has a multi-cultural domestic workforce and client-base, and some international operations.  You will write a final paper reflecting on what you learned throughout the course that contributes to your intercultural communication competence and its significance to your career.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the impact of globalization with intercultural dynamics in business and everyday life.
  • Articulate how their own culture shapes them as a communicator and impacts their intercultural communication effectiveness.
  • Apply cultural dimensions as a tool to anticipate and address the impact that cultural differences will likely have on intercultural interactions in a business environment.
  • Discuss how specific elements of intercultural competence can positively impact communication and business outcomes.
  • Articulate the value of an inter-culturally competent employee for an organization.
  • Assess their intercultural communication competence and identify competencies to be further developed that will contribute to improved professional effectiveness.