BC380: Team Communication

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Course Overview

This course focuses on teams and the dynamics that help teams achieve their goals. Course content examines best team practices that can be used successfully in a variety of settings. Participating as a team member in several assignments gives students an appreciation of how effective team membership often involves doing more than what is required.

The course project, Team Project: Using Strategies to Build an Effective Team, involves working with assigned team members to produce a final, written product. Each team identifies a problem to be solved, works to assign roles, responsibilities, and a timeline, and works through the team dynamics, applying new strategies as necessary.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Distinguish between effective and ineffective teams.
  • Evaluate the role of team purpose and commitment in creating effective teams.
  • Develop skills for effective team communication, including skills for improving collaboration and conflict management.
  • Analyze the relationship between team structure and team communication.
  • Apply concepts of team leadership to analyzing team communication, particularly in team meetings.
  • Develop strategies for increasing accountability on teams.
  • Analyze the relationship between team diversity and team effectiveness.
  • Synthesize research, discussions and experiences with team communication into a final reflection paper.