BC400: Integrating Sales and Marketing with Service

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Course Overview

This course teaches students how to manage a unified, integrated brand that gains and retains market share as well as improves profitability. Course content examines a marketing manager’s constraints and strategies that help achieve high brand equity and create market value that far exceeds the tangible aspects of the product or service.

The course project, Integrated Marketing Plan: Selecting Strategies for Building Brand Equity, is an integrated analysis and cohesive plan that can be used to build a solid brand and that captures brand equity and value. Students analyze a currently underperforming brand to develop the final project that will include specifications for the product, branding, and image decisions, as well as the channel (or Push portion) and the customer (or Pull portion) of the integrated marketing communication (IMC).

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify what experiential marketing is and determine why building Brand Equity is a desirable goal for firms.
  • Analyze Customer Behavior and Need Analysis through qualitative research in order to match the appropriate brand image with their needs.
  • Develop a Brand Positioning Strategy in response to customer and competitor analysis.
  • Craft a Brand Image in the design of the product; its name, logo, and atmospherics; and the appropriate brand personality.
  • Design a Brand Equity Management and Measurement System and architecture to expand brand hierarchies.
  • Analyze appropriate communication elements of the brand’s Pull Strategies and then design the IMC (Integrated Marketing Communications) Plan.
  • Analyze optimal elements of the brand’s Push Strategies within the Channels and conduct a sales force audit.
  • Develop a Brand Equity Marketing Plan to manage the image over time and in global expansion and to prepare a service audit of the brand.