BC401: Communicating with Markets through IMC

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Course Overview

This course focuses on communicating with consumers through the process of integrated marketing communications (IMC).  Students investigate a wide range of topics related to the role of IMC in the marketing mix that include:

  • Integrating a variety of media options into the marketing mix, including sales promotions, social network marketing, guerrilla marketing, and trade and consumer advertising
  • Managing the communication mix
  • Determining the communication budget and which media options to buy
  • Integrating all communications into a Media Plan and schedule

The course project, Integrated Marketing Communications Plan: A Comprehensive Plan for Implementing the Communication Strategy of a Product/Brand, focuses students on developing significant elements of an IMC plan for a product or brand.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Determine roles and responsibilities for key tasks in the IMC.
  • Develop generic global objectives for IMC messages.
  • Determine a method for establishing an IMC budget.
  • Analyze consumer behavior and determine appropriate media messages that target these consumers.
  • Develop the Creative Strategy, the Appeals, and the General Media Plan for the IMC.
  • Identify and describe traditional advertising in print and broadcast media and in non-traditional options to be used in the IMC plan.
  • Determine which non-advertising IMC tools such as sales promotions are appropriate for the brand’s communications.
  • Determine the appropriate PR, Internet, and interactive media to be used in the IMC for a given brand.
  • Determine how to measure the effectiveness of the advertising and all other communication media in the IMC plan.
  • Create key elements of an IMC plan for a specific brand and product or service.