BC475: Organizational Training and Development

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Course Overview

This course examines the role of training and development in helping organizations achieve their business goals. Course content is organized around the ADDIE model for instructional design, which allows students to closely examine the process of identifying training needs and then designing, developing, implementing, and evaluating training programs for organizations with both domestic and global training needs.

The course project, Applying the ADDIE Instructional Design Model for Aligning Training with an Organization's Business Goals, is a proposal prepared for senior management in an organization that has both domestic and global training needs. The proposal includes identification of a training need as well as the design, development, implementation and evaluation of the training program. The focus of the proposal is on using training strategically in order to help an organization achieve its business goals.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe how employee training and development add value to an organization and help it achieve its business goals.
  • Identify a training need in an organization.
  • Prepare a training design blueprint, including learning objectives that make a training need concrete and measurable and appropriate learning steps.
  • Design a lesson plan with appropriate instructional strategies for meeting the learning objectives, including instructional strategies for delivering training at a distance.
  • Develop an implementation plan for a training program that includes plans for preparing the environment, the trainers and the learners.
  • Design an appropriate summative evaluation plan for a training program.
  • Write a comprehensive proposal for a training program that is aligned with an organization's business goals and helps it improve organizational performance.
  • Prepare a PowerPoint presentation for senior leadership that makes the case in support of a proposed training program.

Special Requirements

Students will need Microsoft PowerPoint for the final course project.