BC500: Business Research Methods

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course examines research as a method for solving business problems. It provides an overview of processes and tools for planning, implementing, reflecting and evaluating business problems using a variety of methodologies. Students will investigate a wide range of related topics including:

  • Designing business research proposals and processes
  • Finding reliable sources and qualitative research
  • Choosing primary research methods
  • Collating, measuring, and analyzing data

The course project is a Business Research Report: Proposing a Solution to a Business Problem. Students will frame a research question, complete a review of the literature, identify techniques for data collection, design a primary research method, perform data analysis and organize all components into a professional business report. 

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe the process of using business research as a problem solving and decision-making tool.
  • Relate ethical standards to business research processes.
  • Select appropriate existing research to address a specific business problem.
  • Select the most suitable data gathering and analysis tools to research a specific business problem.
  • Perform original research to address a specific business problem.
  • Synthesize existing research with new findings to solve a specific business problem.
  • Organize research components into a professional business report.