BC605: Leading the Customer-Driven Organization

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course explores the need for customer-focused organizations and provides practical concepts, guidelines, and tools necessary for building a customer-driven organization. Students will work toward becoming leaders with the skills to coordinate service, sales, and all supporting business units, providing them with a unique opportunity to successfully contribute to organizations. Students will investigate a wide range of topics including:

  • Organizational culture, beliefs, and practices
  • Synergy and systems thinking
  • Reciprocity, adaptation, and star performance
  • Methods of assessment

The course project is a Customer-Driven Organization Assessment: Helping an Organization Become More Customer-Driven. Students will analyze an organization’s current state and make specific recommendations for improvement so the organization can obtain a desired state related to the overall goal of becoming more customer-driven.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze a case study of an organization’s transition from a product-driven to a customer-driven organization.
  • Conduct an analysis of an organization’s ability to be customer-driven.
  • Develop a list of core beliefs and corresponding behaviors or practices required for a customer-driven organization.
  • Conduct an assessment to determine the alignment of an organization’s beliefs and practices with becoming a customer-driven organization.
  • Apply key concepts and tools of process management and the customer-driven organizations to analyzing systems and processes and making process improvements.
  • Align vision, mission, goals, strategies, and standards with customer needs and expectations.
  • Assess an organization’s current methods for developing employees and star performers, making recommendations for improvement.
  • Design an organizational strategy for measuring customer service and recognizing outstanding performance.
  • Plan strategies for better use of assessment as a way to reward and recognize outstanding customer service.

Special Requirements

A microphone