BC681: MABC Capstone

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course requires students to synthesize the knowledge and skills they have acquired throughout the Masters’ of Business Communication program, incorporating specialization foci at key points in the project they will complete. It includes elements of:

  • Ethics, leadership, and directing corporate communication
  • Teamwork and enterprise innovation
  • Research and presentations
  • Project management, customer focus, and entrepreneurship

The course project is a Communication Department Plan: Developing an Executive Report. Students will emerge with a portfolio-worthy plan that demonstrates the spectrum of their knowledge, skills, and abilities so that they will be equipped to occupy a real world VP of Communications or similar position.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate real world job requirements for executive positions in business communications.
  • Develop a leadership plan for a business communications department.
  • Develop a plan that assesses business needs and recommends problem solving solutions for a communication department.
  • Develop and defend an IT budget for a business communications department.
  • Develop a leadership plan for teamwork.
  • Develop communication guidelines and a flow chart for internal and external clients.
  • Design a specialized plan to solve the communication needs of project management, customer oriented business, entrepreneurship, or leadership.
  • Create ethical guidelines for business communications.

Special Requirements

Student Solutions Advisor permission required for registration.

All MABC coursework must be completed.