DISS821: Dissertation Analysis

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course begins the last phase of the candidate's doctoral work. In this course, candidates focus on Chapters 4 of their dissertation, writing up their research results while seeking feedback from peers and faculty.

Please note that if a candidate has not attained Advanced or Proficient rankings in each of the criteria outlined in the Dissertation Rubric Level 3 for Chapter 4, they must request an extension course to be taken instead of DISS822 in the next term. The dissertation writing sequence would then resume with DISS822 following satisfactory completion of work in the extension course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Synthesize and present a completed Chapter 4 at Level 3, attaining Advanced or Proficient rankings in all criteria detailed in the Dissertation Rubric Level 3.
  • Review and revise their dissertation proposal, consisting of chapters 1-3, updating it into final dissertation format.