DISS823: Dissertation Final Defense

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course focuses on the last phase of the candidate's doctoral work. This is the last course before graduation. In this course, candidates will finalize all remaining degree requirements. Over the course of eight weeks, candidates will defend their research to their committee, make any required changes to their dissertation, and gain full final approval of all committee members and applicable representatives of JIU's Academic Team. The assignments in this course will direct candidates to complete their dissertation. Candidates must successfully meet all remaining program requirements, as specified in the JIU Dissertation Handbook, by the end of this course, to earn a passing grade.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Present a final draft and defense of their dissertation to their Committee.
  • Amend their dissertation, as necessary, to incorporate committee recommendations and gain overall committee approval.
  • Format their dissertation to meet all JIU requirements.
  • Present their final dissertation for JIU acceptance and publication.