DOC911: Foundations of Doctoral Research

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Course Overview

This course provides the operational tools for students to   successfully complete RES700 in preparation for continuing on in their  doctoral  studies. This course contains assignments that support the  RES700 course  project research paper. All assignments directly  contribute to the success of  that paper, including discussion  assignments.

This course will focus on doctoral research requirements   specifically for candidates’ dissertation or doctoral project in their   respective programs.  It aligns and is  taken concurrently with RES700:  Foundations of Doctoral Research Methodology,  which focuses on applied  research methods and theories in both the business and  K-12 education  venues.

This course does not have its own project. Rather, it is  designed to prepare candidates to complete the RES700 research paper to satisfy   the requirements of Doctoral Transition Point 3.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Formulate a research question as a credible research focus, presenting contributing arguments and literature to support the structure of the question.
  • Participate in written assignments and discussions with a mentor and peers regarding the specific area of research interest.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the fundamental aspects of research using both online and traditional sources.
  • Classify the steps in managing the dissertation/doctoral project process to enable organization, research, and writing to be conducted in a procedural manner.
  • Apply principles of analysis to identify unbiased and valid studies.
  • Develop a research paper that satisfies Doctoral Transition Point 3 requirements of thinking critically, writing, and researching at the doctoral level.
  • Demonstrate the value of peer evaluation through substantive critique and application of critiquing skills to your own research work.