DOC912: Structure of the Literature Review

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Course Overview

This course introduces students to the dissertation literature review and facilitates the development of a structure for the writing of the second chapter of their dissertation. Additionally, the course provides students with an opportunity to analyze the entire process of developing a dissertation and the methodology by which JIU approaches dissertation development.

Through the course project, Structure of the Review of Literature, students will learn how to create a literature review that is scholarly, informative, and persuasive. By completing the course project, students will have developed the structure for their dissertation literature review.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the dissertation process at JIU from beginning to end.
  • Analyze and evaluate the purpose of a dissertation literature review.
  • Evaluate the viability of possible research questions based upon a review of literature.
  • Apply principles of analysis to identify unbiased and valid studies.
  • Critically evaluate arguments, concepts, and theories found in the review of literature.
  • Analyze the components of and synthesize a complete structure of the literature review chapter of their dissertation.
  • Utilize the Dissertation Handbook to track requirements and deliverables.