DOC915: Structure of the Introduction and the Prospectus

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Course Overview

This is your last dissertation advising course for Year One. It is a benchmark for you. It requires you to combine the work you have done during the year into a prospectus.  And it requires you to find a Dissertation Chair. You cannot progress to Year 2 mentoring courses without both an approved prospectus and a Dissertation Chair.

The modules and assignments in this course will help you finish Year 1. Use the course information to develop your prospectus and find a Dissertation Chair.

Your prospectus is a five to ten page report that includes at least 10 primary and 10 secondary resources. It must combine your research question (from DOC913) with a brief justification based on relevant research you have identified (from DOC912 and DOC913) and your proposed methodology (DOC914). It must follow APA format, be free of grammatical errors, and be free of plagiarism.

Your Dissertation Chair is a JIU faculty member who guides you through the second and third year of the EdD program. Your Chair has the knowledge, experience, and credentials to make a profound difference in your progress.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Chapter 1 of the dissertation.
  • Analyze and evaluate the structure of the Introduction Chapter.
  • Synthesize a structure for their Introduction Chapter of their dissertation.
  • Construct a Prospectus that explains the research question with a brief justification based on research and the proposed methodology.
  • Present a Prospectus to a potential Dissertation Chair and attain the Chair's approval and participation as Chair.
  • Utilize the Dissertation Handbook to track requirements and deliverables.