DOC916: Initial Drafts of the Literature Review

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course focuses student efforts on developing a first draft of their Literature Review (Chapter 2) based on the Structure of Literature they developed in DOC912.  Students will then revise the first draft based on feedback from their dissertation chair and their own reflection, critical thinking, additional research, analysis, and evaluation to develop a second draft of the literature review.

The course project is a first and second revised draft of the second chapter of the dissertation, Chapter 2 Literature Review.  The project involves the student’s assessment and selection of current research that is relevant to the chosen topic and integrating this information into a synthesized review, written at the doctoral level, with a minimum of 30 pages.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Refine the research question to be investigated.
  • Critically analyze previous research as it relates to your research topic, including the identification of researchers and their contributions to the area of study.
  • Analyze components and standards for Chapter 2 of the doctoral dissertation, Literature Review and present a preliminary introduction.
  • Search for and describe Sample Literature Reviews from peer-reviewed journals or reliable websites and describe the value as an exemplar of a Literature Review on your topic.
  • Develop a preliminary outline of Chapter 2 Literature Review, as it aligns with the research question and revise based upon professor feedback.
  • Present other scholars’ ideas in an appropriate sequence that helps provide the foundation from which you will build your research.
  • Describe areas in which researchers agree and disagree in relation to your research question and ways in which your research will contribute to scholarship.
  • Develop the first draft of Chapter 2, based on investigation of additional published literature, analysis, and evaluation, and review a classmate’s first draft.
  • Refine and rewrite the preliminary (first draft) of Chapter 2 to develop a second draft, based upon constructive feedback from the instructor, peers, further research, review, analysis, and evaluation, as well as submission of the Originality Report from TurnItIn.