DOC917: Initial Drafts of the Research Methodology

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Course Overview

This course focuses student efforts on developing a first draft of their Research Methodology (Chapter 3) based on the Statement of Intended Research developed in DOC913 and the structure of research methodology developed in DOC914. Students will then revise the first draft based on feedback from their dissertation chair and their own reflection, critical thinking, additional research, analysis, and evaluation to develop a second draft of the Research Methodology. 

By the end of this course, students will have completed a polished and well-developed draft of Chapter 3 of the dissertation research proposal at Level 2 quality.  Chapter 3 is a major component of the dissertation proposal and should be a scholarly work that encompasses your research design decisions. Students will develop and revise a formal chapter that describes the dissertation study method and design, the content and format of which will be reviewed in this course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze components of the methods chapter.
  • Restate the purpose of the study.
  • Evaluate the methodology chapter in terms of the research question and study problem.
  • Ensure the importance of the research question and explain why the specific topic and methodology were selected.
  • Create a complete picture of the methodology so that readers can determine the study’s validity and potential for replication.
  • Detail the process of data gathering, the way in which participants were chosen, and the location of the study.
  • Describe the tools used, where they were developed, by whom, and the validity of the instrument.
  • Describe the analytic strategy used to review the data and its history.
  • Create a first draft of the chapter based on original research, analysis, evaluation, and faculty guidance.
  • Create a second draft of the chapter based on feedback from the course advisor or dissertation chair, further research, analysis, and evaluation, paying attention to content and presentation.