DOC918: Final Draft of the Literature Review

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

The primary focus of this course is the completion of a final draft of Literature Review (Chapter 2).  This course builds on information students learned in DOC916, including editing and revision of first and second drafts of Chapter 2.  Students will revise Chapter 2 based on feedback from their dissertation chair and from their own reflection, critical thinking, additional research, analysis, evaluation, synthesis, and scholarly writing to develop a final draft of the literature review.

The course deliverable for DOC918 is a final draft of Chapter 2: Literature Review that adheres to the following requirements and guidelines:

  • Includes a title page, formatted per JIU requirements, Dissertation Handbook
  • Is a minimum of 30 pages in length (not including References)
  • Adheres to APA format, including standards for format, grammar, punctuation, word usage, numbering, abbreviations, pagination, spacing, indentations, and in-text citations
  • Meets the standards of scholarly writing, including synthesis of sources at the doctoral level
  • Is free of plagiarism, as evidenced by a TurnItIn© Originality Report
  • Includes an APA compliant References list that includes at least 40 references, of which at least 20 must be primary sources and dated within the last 5 years

Course Learning Objectives

  • Critique, analyze, and evaluate published research as it relates to the student’s research topic.
  • Position one’s original work in the context of existing literature.
  • Evaluate personal habits and emotions that accompany the writing process, including gaining an understanding of the factors that can affect the writing of the dissertation: stress, time and project management, motivation, burnout, and other challenges.
  • Formulate an appropriate academic style of writing and level of rigor that exhibits correct APA formatting style and effective use of transitions.
  • Formulate an appropriate academic style of writing and level of rigor that demonstrates a good command of proper sentence structure, punctuation, word choice, use of headings, proper citation, and referencing.
  • Assess classmates’ Chapter 2 for format compliance and integrate peer review substantive feedback into their own writing.
  • Analyze, apply, and comply with Level 3 standards for Chapter 2: Literature Review as outlined in the JIU Dissertation Handbook and JIU Dissertation Rubric.
  • Identify gaps in the literature with an exhaustive search and use those findings to show how the research questions contribute to the filling of those gaps.
  • Manage self-editing and proofreading processes in the production of a doctoral-level literature review.
  • Produce a doctoral-level, synthesized Chapter 2: literature, free of plagiarism, self-plagiarism, and copyright infringement, as evidenced in TurnItIn© Originality Report.
  • Examine one’s own perspective as a scholarly practitioner on the literature review researching, writing, and revising process, reflect on the process, and construct a preliminary foundation from which you will build your own research methodology.