DOC921: Final Draft of the Introduction and IRB Application

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Course Overview

This course focuses your efforts to refine the final draft (Level 3) of the Introduction (Chapter 1) and accompanied by a TurnItIn report to ensure originality. The final course project is a final draft of Chapter 1 at Level 3 quality, and a Level 4 quality review of the chapter will be included in the final dissertation manuscript after the study is completed. Additional course projects include a final, complete IRB application ready for dissertation chair approval, and preparation of the form to Designate a Dissertation Committee.

DOC 921 is a Transition Point Course (i.e., an official and important milestone), and to successfully pass this course, you must receive a rating of 'Proficient' on each of the three course learning objectives from your insructor in an end-of-course assessment. Note that there are no points associated with this summative assessment, as all assignments are graded individually. The summative assessment records your readiness to proceed in your doctoral program to DOC 922.