EDI796: Ethical Leadership

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Course Overview

This course analyzes and evaluates Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) Standard 5, focusing on educator integrity, fairness, and ethics. The course focuses on the school as a community of ethical values, the task of becoming an ethical leader, and the priorities of justice and caring.  Candidates explore ethics and social evolution as well as apply ethics to common school scenarios.

School leaders are often in positions that require them to enforce school procedures and regulations.  However, they should also understand the ethical perspective behind the procedures, and competing ethical perspectives associated with the issue. 

For their course project, Illustrative Case Study: School Policy and Procedure Analysis, candidates will analyze a district policy and the procedures for compliance and non-compliance at the internship school associated with that policy. They will illustrate the debate and conflicting positions regarding the procedures by writing an illustrative case study.  Citing ethical perspectives, legal requirements, research literature, and comparative procedures at other schools, the candidate will either defend the existing procedure or synthesize strategies to implement a change.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze and evaluate ELCC Standard 5.
  • Critically examine the literature on ethical school leadership and its role in positively affecting an environment that supports student achievement.
  • Critically evaluate the literature on the ethical assumptions of the majority culture as well as minority cultures and their effect on practices in American public education.
  • Identify and scrutinize a district policy and associated procedures for their ethical implications.
  • Cite and present ethical and legal evidence that supports either sustaining or changing a district policy or procedure.
  • Analyze and evaluate their current leadership capacity against ELCC Standard 5.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

Student Solutions Advisor permission required for this course.