EDI803: Managing Learning Organization Resources

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Course Overview

EDI803 addresses two requirements for doctoral candidates: to satisfy the requirements of ELCC Standard 3 related to the governance of resources in a school, and to satisfy the requirements of Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) Standard 7 related to conducting an internship in school leadership.

The course encompasses these two requirements by requiring that candidates investigate principles and practices of school resource management and apply this knowledge to authentic administrative work in a real school setting.

Candidates complete reading and writing assignments related to the conduct of resource management practices in a school setting, such as fiscal budgeting and control, facilities operations, legal matters, human resources management, etc. Internship assignments relate to conducting actual, practical governance of these various resources within a school setting.

The course project, Internship Portfolio: Management of School Resources, is a key assessment designed to demonstrate mastery of ELCC professional standards. The Course Project is a portfolio that documents the candidate's skills and accomplishments in promoting the learning of all students.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify and analyze governance of resources at the school district level.
  • Evaluate the effects of resource governance at the school district level related to legislative, organizational, management, constituent, and knowledge/skill requirements.
  • Synthesize strategies for addressing governance of resources at the school district level. Implement the models, principles, and practices of organizational development and management, including research and data-driven decision making.
  • Effectively plan, evaluate, and apply the development and delivery of resources necessary to promote the success of all students in a school.
  • Optimize the learning environment for all students by deploying resources; involving staff in decision-making; utilizing effective communication; and applying appropriate legal, planning, organizational, and strategic principles.
  • Plan and implement actions for focusing on effective organization and management of fiscal resources, giving priority to student learning, safety, curriculum, and instruction.
  • Analyze and employ the deployment of financial resources in ways that promote student achievement.
  • Synthesize and execute strategies for improving fiscal, human, and material resource management practices to promote student learning.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

Student Solutions Advisor permission required for this course.