EDU521: K-12 Students Using Technology

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Course Overview

This course addresses essential skills and knowledge of tools needed to leverage technology in a K-12 education system. Candidates will explore a range of technologies across various platforms for enhancing efficiency, scaffolding learning, and designing activity-based instruction for K-12 students that encourages meaningful learning and critical thinking. Emphasis will be on state-of-the-art technology applications in education, with the goal of drawing a blueprint for the K-12 system, taking into account the choice of technology, cognitive need mapping, instructional content, communication, and collaboration.

In the final course project, you will document technology applications in teaching K-12 students to use technology effectively and to develop creative solutions to real-world problems. The course is designed to demonstrate knowledge, skills and professional dispositions of the National Council for Accreditation or Teacher Education (NCATE); and the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE). The aim of this course is for the teachers to have wide exposure to technology and tools throughout the course. Emphasis will be on practical use and applications.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Design developmentally appropriate standards-based instruction, based on current research of teaching and learning with technology, to support learner-centered strategies such as collaboration, higher order thinking, solving real-world problems, and informed decision-making.
  • Design, develop, and evaluate technological innovations and learning resources to maximize digital-age content learning based on developmental appropriateness and suitability for specific tasks.
  • Utilize a variety of technologies and resources to enhance learning, promote creativity, conduct research, evaluate sources, and produce creative works.
  • Employ a variety of media and formats to communicate information and ideas effectively to multiple audiences as an innovative professional in a global and digital society.
  • Create and model instructional technology-based activities that build upon students' previous knowledge to meet age-appropriate technology standards as defined by ISTE (International Society for Technology in Education).
  • Discuss the importance of teaching Internet safety to assist schools and parents in keeping students safe; promote awareness about security and copyright issues in an evolving digital culture and exhibit legal and ethical behavior in their professional practice
  • Formulate technology-based collaboration strategy for students as well as with fellow educators in order to add value to the learning system.
  • Evaluate and plan for staying professionally updated, model lifelong learning, and exhibit leadership in their school and professional community by promoting and demonstrating the effective use of digital tools and resources.

Special Requirements

  • PowerPoint
  • Inspiration. (You will download a free version. The instructions will be available in the class for a 30-day free trial version.)