EDU534: Teaching Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Education Language Skills

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Course Overview

This course explores best practices for encouraging and teaching K-12 Linguistically Diverse Education (LDE) students’ language development in receptive and productive language, as well as their integration of language skills with content area learning. Course content introduces the SIOP model for observation, lesson planning, and assessment tools.

The course project, English Language Skills Toolbox: Creating Resources for Educators prepares candidates to select teaching/learning activities, models, methods, and/or techniques, as well as assessment tools, suitable for K-12 CLD students. Developing and using these tools and activities allows candidates to demonstrate how teacher decisions apply the principles of second language acquisition (SLA).

This course includes 10 hours of field-based activities that take place in a K-12 school/district community setting.

It is recommended that you review the TESOL Standards and NCATE Domains for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse courses offered at JIU to determine the appropriate courses that meet your specific state or international requirements.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Relate instructional principles for SLA to development of social and academic language, and methods for teaching language skills.
  • Identify and assess CLD students’ needs and difficulties, and provide necessary scaffolding.
  • Create culturally sensitive and supportive, standards-based learning environments that support the needs of all CLD students, including those with limited formal schooling in their first language.
  • Design and implement lessons focused on specific language skill(s), and appropriate for students’ age and language proficiency levels.
  • Design and implement sheltered instruction integrating language learning and content learning objectives (i.e., the SIOP Model).
  • Locate and use curriculum materials and resources appropriate for CLD students’ age/grade, and language proficiency levels.

Special Requirements

This course includes 10 hours of field-based activities that take place in a K-12 school/district setting where candidates are required to work with a mentor (e.g., a licensed K-12 teacher, school principal, other licensed K-12 educator, etc.) and complete activities with students onsite in a school-based classroom. Candidates are required to provide contact information for their field-experience mentor and school in Assignment 1.1. For more information about field experience courses, please contact your Student Solutions Advisor.

You will be required to view segments from the DVDs that accompany the textbook. If your PC does not have the DVD decoder software, you may download a free version at