EDU542: Strategic Planning for Educators

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Course Overview

This course establishes the requisite knowledge and skills needed to assist an educational organization in planning more effectively for a constantly changing internal and external environment. The course covers basic components of strategic planning processes that can be adapted to specific educational environments.

In the course project, students develop a strategic plan that incorporates/facilitates the development of a vision and mission, and a positive school or organizational culture. For students in the MEd in Adult Education programs, the course project is called Strategic Plan: Improving Organizations and Culture. For students in the MEd in Education Leadership and Administration (K-12) programs, the course project is called Strategic Plan: Improving School Programs and Culture; it is a key assessment designed to demonstrate mastery of the Educational Leadership Constituent Council (ELCC) professional standards. In addition, students in the K-12 programs will be assessed on their ability to develop a strategic plan that incorporates/facilitates evidence-based practices when implementing effective instructional programs and: (1) respond to the diverse needs of families and communities, and (2) mobilize community resources.

This course does not include a required field-based activity.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define strategic thinking and its importance as a planning tool
  • Identify key organizational members to include in the strategic planning process identifying their areas of responsibility
  • Conduct internal and external environmental scans for their specific educational organization, specific program, or their business entity
  • Conduct brainstorming and input sessions to identify opportunities, threats, and issues
  • Write briefs of critical issues facing their educational or business organization. In the educational setting, these issues would address instructional objectives.
  • Design an operational plan addressing critical issues based on a strategic planning model.
  • Design a plan to monitor implementation and progress to goals for the strategic and operational plan.
  • Revise the strategic plan in response to evaluation of impact and to maintain its timeliness by applying timely, efficient, effective, and ethical review processes.
  • Establish an ongoing environmental scanning system for their specific educational organization

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

The textbook, Strategic Planning for Public and Nonprofit Organizations, is bundled with the workbook,Implementing & Sustaining Your Strategic Plan, and the two items are sold as a bundle by the JIU bookstore.  Both books must be purchased through the JIU bookstore to successfully complete the course.