EDU579: Instructional Methods for Secondary World Languages

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course is designed to introduce secondary teaching candidates to the curriculum, instruction, and assessment related to secondary world languages.  It will enable candidates to better meet the challenge of educating secondary modern language learners in the classroom. The course is designed to align with both Colorado Department of Education (CDE) and American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) standards. 

The course will emphasize differentiating instruction for secondary world language learners by researching, discussing, and analyzing strategies and materials, the learner’s profile, and cultural sensitivity. Throughout the course, candidates will discern, develop, and engage in secondary modern language course framing and problem solving, document analyses, group discussions, simulations, writing scenarios, video analyses, and reflections.

In the course project, Secondary World Language Teacher Work Sample, candidates will create a digital portfolio of examples/models of instructional strategies in their chosen disciplines, and develop related assessment. Candidates will also develop and implement a lesson in their discipline with reflections on success to be shared by all participants.

There will be 50 hours of field-based activities that must be done at a field-based secondary school. This will provide candidates opportunities to complete assignments that require application of information and knowledge in authentic setting. A description of the activities and reflections on the results will be chronicled in the Reflective Journal that is used in all courses that require field work.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Research, explain and synthesize the key concepts of second language acquisition.
  • Compare and contrast the learning styles of today’s secondary world language learners.
  • Research, analyze and apply effective strategies and instructional resources used by secondary world language teachers, and establish a unit of work planning.
  • Recognize state and national content standards within secondary world language instruction.
  • Develop awareness, explain and discuss the complexity of human diversity in a practical world second language classroom application.
  • Apply a lesson plan in a real classroom setting, develop appropriate assessment methods for student work of secondary world language learners based on ACTFL and CDE standards, and evaluate student and teacher performance.
  • Analyze and apply strategies for text comprehension and vocabulary learning.
  • Recognize the importance of the social context of schooling by synthesizing the values of world language learning for the overall student success, parents, stakeholders, and the community.

Course Prerequisites

(EDU575 or EDU595 must be complete before enrolling in this course)

Special Requirements

Successful completion of Oral Proficiencey Test