EDU605A: Student Teaching: Classroom Practicum I

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course provides candidates with an opportunity to apply their expertise in curriculum design, instructional  strategies, classroom management and assessment to an educational setting.  Mixing field observation experiences and full-time teaching, candidates utilize standards-based educational theories and practices daily in real-life teaching and learning environments. 

In the course project, Student Teaching Portfolio Project I: Developing Effective Instructional Practices, each JIU  teacher candidate develops a professional teaching portfolio. Components that  make up the portfolio provide evidence of the teacher candidate’s ability to (1) develop lesson plans that address diverse student needs, (2) utilize formal  and informal assessments to measure and monitor student performance, (3)  integrate literacy into content area instruction, (4) utilize effective classroom  management and student engagement strategies, (5) exhibit professional and  ethical practice that is responsive to evolving issues and environments, and  (6) collaborate with school-based teams and parents to identify, address and  promote student achievement. Candidates in this  program also complete two other portfolio components: 

  • Developing Effective Lesson Plans which involves creating lesson  plans, using the JIU Lesson Plan Protocol, to be implemented in the classroom.
  • K-12 Field Experience Mentor Evaluation Report which takes the  form of a field-based mentor evaluation of the JIU teacher candidate against  multiple state standards.

This course includes field-based activities that take place in a K - 12 school/district setting. Specifically, candidates must complete 300 hours onsite (37.5 hours per week for 8 weeks) in an approved K-12 school-based clinical practice placement.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Explain and demonstrate how student teachers engaging in supervised, professional field experiences can use reflective practices to improve their teaching.
  • Use strategies to develop student literacy in reading, writing, speaking, viewing, and listening.
  • Use technology to support instruction and enhance student learning.
  • Demonstrate professional accomplishments gained from student teaching and mastery of all course learning objectives through a portfolio project.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements

Candidates will be required to use a webcam in the student teaching courses. Candidates are strongly urged to purchase the Logitech Quickcam Pro 9000 webcam sold through the JIU bookstore. This webcam has been selected for use because of its quality and ease of use. Using a videotape or camcorder is not acceptable. 

To upload classroom videos for viewing by teaching faculty, candidates must use one of the following computer operating systems and browser versions:

  • Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP (SP 2 or SP3)
    • Internet Explorer 8 or newer
    • Firefox 4 or newer
  • Mac OS 10.5.7 or newer
    • Firefox 4 or newer
    • Safari 4 or newer

Candidates must download and install the Microsoft Silverlight plugin from:



 (1) COMPLETE 200 HOURS OF LEVEL-1 FIELD EXPERIENCE: Complete 200 hours of Level-1 field experience working with K-12 students and have faxed a completed Level-1 Field Experience Documentation Form to the JIU Registrar’s office. (These hours may be defined as time in the field working on JIU professional synthesizing projects under the supervision of a mentor or as hours completed outside of JIU coursework. For example, supervised activities working with youth in a school or a community agency are acceptable. All Level-1 field experience must be completed while enrolled at JIU.)

 (2) COMPLETE EDU 600 & EDU 538*: Complete EDU 600 Teaching & Administering in Colorado & the States, and EDU 538:  K-12 Teaching:  Legal and Societal Contexts.

 (3) POSSESS 2.5 CUMULATIVE GPA: Possess a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in courses leading to the master’s degree at JIU.

 (4) COMPLETE ALL COURSEWORK: MEd candidates are required to complete all area of study prior to Level Two student teaching, capstone course or principal internship. This allows for an intensive, culminating experience where teacher candidates can practice skills on a fill-time basis (37+ hours per week for 16 weeks) under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

 (5) SUBMIT PASSING SCORE ON THE STATE LICENSURE EXAM: Submit to the Registrar’s office a passing score on the requisite state licensure exam(s) required by your state. Exam results must be received by the JIU Registrar prior to registration in EDU 605A.

 (6) SECURE STUDENT TEACHING PLACEMENT: Secure a placement in an American school that (1) consists of a classroom setting at the grade level and in the subject area required for intended teaching license (e.g., elementary classroom, secondary mathematics classroom, etc.); (2) provides multiple opportunities to work directly with students from diverse backgrounds (i.e., students who are English language learners, of both genders, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, from different ethnic/racial groups, students with different learning ability levels, etc.); and (3) permits me to record my presentation of formal lessons in the classroom.

 (7) SECURE QUALIFIED MENTOR TEACHER AND SUBMIT MENTOR QUALIFICATIONS:  Identify a mentor who (1) possesses a current United States teaching license, (2) has three years or more of licensed experience in my endorsement area, and (3) currently works in the role of a teacher in my endorsement area. Submit a copy of the mentor’s state license, and a copy of the mentor’s resume to Student Services.

 (8) SUBMIT DISTRICT AGREEMENT FORM: Submit a completed District Agreement Form to Student Services.

 (9) SUBMIT CLINICAL PRACTICE ATTESTATION FORM AND CLASSROOM RECORDING AGREEMENT FORMS: Submit signed Clinical Practice Attestation and Classroom Recording Agreement forms to the Registrar’s Office.

 (10) SUBMIT COMPLETED PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: Submit completed and signed prerequisite form to your Student Solutions Advisor.


MEd in K-12 English as a Second Language Education: Teacher Licensure

MEd in K-12 English as a Second Language Specialist: Bilingual Education Teacher Licensure

MEd in K-12 Instructional Technology: Teacher Licensure