EDU612: Principal and Administrator Internship II

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course will prepare principal/administrator candidates to demonstrate knowledge, skills and professional dispositions in (1) promoting a positive K-12 learning environment for all students, including those from diverse backgrounds, (2) providing effective K-12 instructional programs that include the use of data-driven decision making, (3) applying evidence-based practice to K-12 student learning, (4) designing personalized professional development plans, (5) utilizing resources and building operations to ensure a high quality, effective learning environment, (6) working effectively with families and community members to ensure diverse student needs are fulfilled and a collaborative culture is established, (7) exhibiting professional behaviors characterized by integrity, fairness, ethics and advocacy, and (8) promoting positive learning environments through active understanding of external sociological influences.

This course includes an internship experience. Candidates must complete 110 hours onsite in an approved K-12 school-based clinical practice placement.

Course Prerequisites

Special Requirements


(2) POSSESS 2.5 CUMULATIVE GPA: Maintain a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.5 in courses completed within the program specialization.

(3) SECURE INTERNSHIP PLACEMENT: Secure a placement in an American school that (1) consists of a K-12 school/district setting at the grade levels required for the intended principal/administrator license, and (2) provides multiple opportunities to work directly with students from diverse backgrounds (i.e., students who are English language learners, of both genders, from different socioeconomic backgrounds, from different ethnic/racial groups, students with different learning ability levels, etc.).NOTE: The same placement may be utilized for EDU556, EDU548, EDU611 and EDU612.

(4) SECURE QUALIFIED MENTOR PRINCIPAL / ADMINISTRATOR AND SUBMIT MENTOR QUALIFICATIONS:Identify a mentor who (1) possesses a current United States principal/administrator license, (2) has three years or more of licensed experience as a principal/administrator, and (3) currently works in the role of a principal/administrator. Submit a copy of mentor’s state license, and a copy of mentor’s resume to Student Services. NOTE: Candidates are permitted and encouraged to work with the same mentor in EDU556, EDU548, EDU611 and EDU612.

(5) SUBMIT DISTRICT AGREEMENT FORM: Submit a completed District Agreement Form to Student Services.NOTE: Candidates are not required to submit a District Agreement Form for EDU612 if the clinical practice placement information has not changed.

(6) SUBMIT COMPLETED EDU612 PREREQUISITE CHECKLIST: Submit completed and signed prerequisite form to your Student Solutions Advisor.