EDU623: Knowledge Management and Workplace Learning

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Course Overview

This course provides a foundation in the theoretical and practical knowledge needed to integrate knowledge management with workplace learning. Topics designed to help the educator shift the role of workplace learning beyond mastering processes to supporting the creation of new knowledge and improved processes are considered, including:

  • Combining technology, organizational structures, and cognitive-based strategies to help organizations foster knowledge sharing and employee development
  • Using the principles of adult learning and embedding them within the workplace learning context

The course project, Workplace Learning Plan: Using Organizational Assessment to Inform Knowledge Management, integrates an understanding of knowledge management philosophy and approaches with their impact on workplace learning. Through identification of workplace competencies and the respective instructional development needed, the prospective workplace educator outlines how an organization reaches optimal effectiveness and its respective strategic goals.

Course Learning Objectives

Course Learning Objectives

  • Define the knowledge-based organization/enterprise that workplace learning serves.
  • Define the role of the training manager or education professional in organizational knowledge flow and management.
  • Assess the readiness of the organization/enterprise for knowledge management and workplace learning.
  • Diagnose workplace learning deficiencies based on organizational assessment.
  • Develop a coherent set of workplace competencies and learning events to remedy identified deficiencies in organizational knowledge flow and management for organizational improvement.
  • Develop a coherent workplace learning plan for implementation of prioritized activities.
  • Design effectiveness indicators for the assessment of the plan implementation and organizational improvement.