EDU630: Needs Assessment for Learning Environments

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Course Overview

This course introduces approaches and techniques for planning a training needs assessment so that the needs of an organization are not only met, but also anticipated. Assessment is a decision-making tool that helps an organization measure where it is, compared to where it wants to be.

The course project, Needs Assessment: Planning for Learning Environments, demonstrates how analysis and assessment grow in importance as organizations become more concerned with competitive advantage and employee expertise. Applying analysis, theory, and skills to real problems, students create instruments, gather data, and consider how to counter objections and influence decision makers.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe how data is used to understand a performance challenge.
  • Identify and describe target population characteristics.
  • Identify sources of information for a given performance challenge.
  • Select appropriate data collection strategies and sources.
  • Conduct a needs assessment; engage in data collection including surveys, observations, and interviews.
  • Analyze the characteristics and data from multiple and diverse sources to understand a given performance challenge.
  • Draw conclusions and recommendations for a learning plan comprised of training/learning and non-training/learning solutions.
  • Use data to present results and recommend solutions.

Special Requirements