EDU653: Assessment Strategies to Improve Adult Learning

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Course Overview

This course provides adult educators with the necessary knowledge and skills to develop valid, reliable, and fair evaluation plans, tests, and assessments for adult education and organizational learning. The course is intended for adult educators who will develop and implement adult education programs. Many of the principles and practices, however, can also be applied to workplace performance assessment and program evaluation.

In the course project, Assessment Plan: Evaluation in Adult Education, students will design valid, reliable, and fair tests and scoring rubrics as well as provide evaluation and reporting results and cost-benefit analysis. Additionally, they will write clear, concise, and complete learning objectives and employ them in formative and summative assessment elements.

Course Learning Objectives

  • For any learning outcome, be able to write a complete instructional objective that describes the outcome and its required performance, prerequisite skills or prior knowledge and potential assessment tools for assessing the outcome.
  • For any complex performance (e.g. behavior changes or portfolios), develop performance criteria checklists and rubrics for assessing that performance.
  • Apply both formative and summative assessment to achieve objectives.
  • Design assessments based on well written objectives that contain appropriate performance criterion and conditions.
  • Develop ways to design learning events and to assess whether critical thinking has occurred.
  • Differentiate assessments that would be appropriate to measure experience, performance or behavior.
  • Select the most appropriate assessments for educational or workplace settings from a variety of assessment tools.
  • Develop an appropriate assessment plan for a specific organization and its learning objectives.