EDU654: Developing and Implementing e-Learning Systems

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Course Overview

This course focuses on the development of an e-learning system that supports a variety of objectives, content areas, users, and learners. The development of an e-learning system includes gaining an understanding of systemic features and systematic processes in order to scale up e-learning from the course level to a program or organizational endeavor.

The course project, e-Learning Plan: Creating a Comprehensive Outline for e-Learning Development, gathers the course concepts into one complete plan for use in developing an e-learning system in an online environment. Students will construct an e-learning plan that is tailored to a particular context (e.g., a current work context, area of interest, etc.) with an overview of the comprehensive e-learning process that encompasses its various dimensions.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify systemic implications for implementing an online program.
  • Establish a process for hardware/software decisions based on system characteristics and designed to support a range of objectives.
  • Construct a planned process to facilitate organizational change around the rollout of an online program.
  • Create a performance support plan tailored for implementation of an online learning system.
  • Detail an evaluation plan for an online program that includes multiple levels of desired results.
  • Write policies and procedures to address legal and ethical issues such as copyright, accessibility, and impact on stakeholders (external and internal).
  • Compare cross-context examples of online programs to identify similarities and differences.
  • Construct a detailed plan for implementation of an online program that reflects systemic and systematic planning.