EDU669: Capstone: The Professional Adult Educator

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Course Overview

This course represents the culmination of the master’s program. It is designed to give students a chance to synthesize their learning by producing a capstone project that exemplifies their newly acquired knowledge and expertise. Working alone or with a partner or team, they will select something from their educational portfolio and develop it further as proof of readiness to receive a master’s degree.

In the course project, Capstone: Designing the Professional Portfolio, candidates apply knowledge and skills they have acquired during their tenure at JIU to a real educational issue or opportunity. The project may take any form, as long as it meets the specific educational objectives defined for the course. Project examples include:

  • A grant proposal
  • An environmental research scan
  • A program development and/or implementation
  • An appraisal of an existing program
  • An internship

Course Learning Objectives

  • Complete a capstone project that demonstrates successful application of the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your tenure at JIU to a real educational issue or opportunity. Your capstone project should demonstrate your proficiency with the learning outcomes for your program area.
  • Demonstrate how your Capstone project connects to the JIU institutional learning outcomes and workplace competencies in a convincing way.
  • Incorporate the Total Professional Advantage deliverables into your capstone project.

Special Requirements

Student Solutions Advisor permission required for this course.