EDU669: Capstone: The Professional Adult Educator

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course represents the culmination of the master’s program. It is designed to give students a chance to synthesize their learning by producing a capstone project that exemplifies their newly acquired knowledge and expertise. Working alone or with a partner or team, they will select something from their educational portfolio and develop it further as proof of readiness to receive a master’s degree.

In the course project, Capstone: Designing the Professional Portfolio, candidates apply knowledge and skills they have acquired during their tenure at JIU to a real educational issue or opportunity. The project may take any form, as long as it meets the specific educational objectives defined for the course. Project examples include:

  • A grant proposal
  • An environmental research scan
  • A program development and/or implementation
  • An appraisal of an existing program
  • An internship

Course Learning Objectives

  • Complete a capstone project that demonstrates successful application of the knowledge and skills you have acquired during your tenure at JIU to a real educational issue or opportunity. Your capstone project should demonstrate your proficiency with the learning outcomes for your program area.
  • Demonstrate how your Capstone project connects to the JIU institutional learning outcomes and workplace competencies in a convincing way.
  • Incorporate the Total Professional Advantage deliverables into your capstone project.

Special Requirements

(1) MEd candidates are required to complete all area of study coursework prior to Level Two student teaching, capstone course or the principal internship. This allows for an intensive, culminating experience where teacher candidates can practice skills on a full-time basis (37+ hours per week for 16 weeks) under the supervision of a qualified mentor.

(2) Student Solutions Advisor permission required for this course.