EDU681: Adult Learning Theory

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Course Overview

This course introduces students to adult education theories and practices. Teaching and learning strategies for adult learners, including case studies, problem-solving strategies, collaborative learning, and distance learning techniques are discussed and modeled throughout the course.

The course project, Adult Learning Program: Applying Theories and Strategies to a Real-world Adult Learning Environment, focuses students on developing a unit of instruction or program for adult learners. By analyzing the adult learning environment and selecting strategies for instruction and assessment, this project moves the student from studying educational theories into creating personally useful and insightful applications.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify, compare, and contrast theories of adult development and learning.
  • Demonstrate understanding of the unique characteristics of adult learners, including theoretical perspectives, psychological and physiological variables, and adult learning styles.
  • Design and develop adult instructional programs that embody sound concepts of adult education.
  • Identify, analyze and describe established adult education methods and techniques, and the appropriate application of these methods and techniques to varying adult learning venues.
  • Recognize how adult education can be adapted to various settings, including distance education.
  • Investigate, describe, and critique various adult education delivery systems and providers.
  • Synthesize theories of adult education teaching and learning to develop a philosophy of teaching adult learners.