EDU682: Public Policy and Higher Education

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Course Overview

This course investigates social movements in history that have influenced the way higher education policies have developed. On a more global level, students discover how higher education has been shaped in the United States and other countries through comparative study and analysis. Specifically, this course addresses:

  • History and policies in higher education in the U.S. and other countries
  • Social forces that shape higher education policy and institutional decision-making
  • State and federal planning and its impact on higher education in the United States
  • Current trends in policy-making and their relationship to social change

The course project, Higher Education Policy Challenge: Using History and Social Influences to Shape Future Policies, focuses students on the tasks involved in building policy through an analysis of previous policies, institutional history, and other influences that shape future decision making.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Critically analyze how changes in society have impacted both the history and policy of higher education institutions.
  • Critically analyze the history of higher education in both the United States and international settings.
  • Use information and concepts about higher education history and policy making to explain decision making processes within the field of study.
  • Build a meaningful, professional-quality, course project that demonstrates an understanding of how policy issues impact higher education.
  • Explain the impact of local, state, federal and international policy decisions on higher education institutions.
  • Identify and describe social movements that have impacted higher education in university, college, community, and corporate settings.