EDU775: Program Planning Needs Analysis

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Course Overview

Training Needs Assessment presents the principles, practices, and techniques of conducting training needs assessments for adult education programs.  Training needs assessment is a continuous process of data collection and analysis that is used to identify existing training needs so that training can be developed to help organizations achieve their goals and objectives.  This course provides students with the opportunity to gain and demonstrate the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed to accurately and completely determine the training needs of an organization.

The course project, Portfolio: Training Needs Assessment, is designed to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives.  A needs assessment will be conducted for a sponsoring organization’s adult education program.  The Needs Assessment will detail the conduct of this needs assessment and include its findings, conclusions, and recommendations.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Evaluate and describe the purposes, outcomes, and benefits of conducting training needs assessments.
  • Analyze and explain the procedures and practices of conducting training needs assessments.
  • Create the topics and the specific data collection questions for data collection and develop data collection instruments.
  • Test data collection instruments for validity and reliability.
  • Conduct data collection with the target population.
  • Evaluate all data collected as part of a training needs assessment.
  • Draw conclusions from the findings and make recommendations based on the conclusions of a training needs assessment.
  • Synthesize and report the findings, conclusions, and recommendations to the appropriate decision makers.