EDU778: Instructional Delivery Methods

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Course Overview

Instructional Delivery Methodologies covers the principles and practices for the analysis, design, development, implementation and evaluation of instructional delivery methodologies for adult education programs. It provides the knowledge, skills and abilities to accurately and completely develop and utilize instructional delivery methodologies for adult education programs. The course blends two instructional strategies. First, the student explores the basic principles and related practices for the elements of instructional delivery methodologies. Second, the student applies the learned principles and practices in a sponsored synthesizing project applying instructional systems methodologies to meet a training need in an actual adult learning organization.

The course project, An Instruction Delivery Methodology Project, is designed to demonstrate mastery of the course objectives. The development of instruction development methodologies will be conducted for one of the sponsoring organizations adult education programs. A final written report chronicling the outcomes of the application of the instructional delivery methodologies process will be the synthesizing course project.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Identify, evaluate and implement the processes, outcomes and benefits of developing instructional delivery methodologies for adult education programs.
  • Evaluate adult learning theories and models and classify the sponsoring organizations adult learning theory and model.
  • Examine, assess and integrate adult learning, development and motivation into instructional delivery methodologies.
  • Recognize how aging and culture affect adult learning and motivation and create instructional delivery methodologies to maximize their effect on adult learning.
  • Explain and integrate the characteristics and skills of a motivating instructor for adult learners into instructional delivery methodologies.
  • Create motivational strategies into instructional delivery methodologies for adults.
  • Assess and implement strategies to promote inclusion and to develop competence for adult learners in instructional delivery methodologies.