EDU790: Current K-12 Education Theories

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Course Overview

This course introduces candidates to current K-12 theories and their application in solving education problems. Additionally, candidates will develop the necessary skills to become a successful doctoral candidate.  Course content encompasses the following tasks:

  • Analyzing important education issues using relevant theory and research
  • Applying critical skills to deepen understanding of theoretical constructs and applications
  • Mastering of the APA style
  • Writing a synthetic plan to solve an important education problem

The course project, Research Project: Applying Theory to an Education Problem, explores a practical education problem selected by the candidate's sponsor and the candidate. The components of the project are developed over the length of the course and include project selection, analyzing education theories, incorporating a personal framework of teaching and learning based on theory and models, and developing potential and applicable solutions.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze and evaluate education theory.
  • Analyze and evaluate education research.
  • Write abstracts and critiques that demonstrate their ability to analyze and evaluate education literature.
  • Identify a meaningful problem that can be solved using education theory and research.
  • Create a database of predominant education theories that informs the design of solutions to an education problem.
  • Prepare an annotated bibliography.
  • Articulate a personal framework for teaching and learning based on theory and research that guides a solution to an education problem.
  • Write a synthetic plan to solve an important education problem using at least one specific and current theoretical framework.

Course Prerequisites