EDU804: EdS Capstone Course

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course represents the culmination of the EdS program. Each candidate will synthesize his or her learning by producing a capstone project that exemplifies acquired knowledge and expertise.

The course project, Research Project: Addressing the Needs of a Specific Learning Community, is a specialist-level research endeavor that demonstrates the candidate’s mastery of the core concepts and skills covered by the EdS program. The project tests the candidate’s ability to apply this knowledge to a real and practical educational problem or opportunity. The project will:

  • Include a tangible product
  • Involve a minimum of 120 hours of effort and be relevant to the candidate’s professional development goals
  • Synthesize content from across several courses taken in the program

Course Learning Objectives

  • Complete a capstone project that demonstrates successful application of the knowledge and skills that have been acquired during their tenure at JIU to a real educational issue or opportunity.
  • Create a Learning Report that explains the connections between their project and the JIU core competencies.
  • Report the details of your capstone project in a professionally suitable form.

Course Prerequisites