HCM400: Health Services Policies and Practices

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course examines specific steps involved in proposing, formulating, modifying, and implementing health care management policies and practices. Within the context of a department or unit in a health care organization, students explore topics such as:

  • Building and managing effective health care teams
  • Setting standards, objectives, and metrics by which quality operations can be measured
  • Making effective, strategic decisions in a leadership role

The course project, Health Care Consultation Report: Making Recommendations for Improved Operations, is a written report wherein the student presents general recommendations for operational improvements to a senior level manager in a health care organization. Students gather information through interviews and access to the policies, procedures, mission statements, etc., to produce realistic recommendations while being sensitive to the internal politics and human relations aspects of the health care management environment.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Assess the effectiveness of their organization's management, staff structure, and service policies in meeting patients' needs and expectations.
  • Develop high-functioning work teams to accomplish challenging tasks.
  • Implement management techniques that result in higher levels of employee satisfaction, performance, and retention.
  • Perform an environmental and situational analysis of their unit or department that could serve as a basis for a strategic or operational plan.
  • Write clear goals and objectives, and utilize proper control techniques for their operational unit.
  • Improve their analytical and decision-making management skills.
  • Develop and improve the ability to motivate others and to effectively lead a unit or department.

Special Requirements

You will need Microsoft PowerPoint for creating your final course presentation.