HUM201: Peace and Conflict Studies

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Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course introduces students to conflict, conflict resolution, and the process for attaining peace. Students will examine a wide variety of conflict situations, ranging from interpersonal conflict to global conflict. They will also examine a variety approaches to peace. The intent is to familiarize students with a wide assortment of conflicts, showing their similarities and differences, and the various ways of managing them.

The course project, Research Paper: Examination of Peace and Conflict, provides students with an opportunity to demonstrate their comprehension of the key concepts and principles covered in the course materials; and more importantly, to apply them to a real-world peace and conflict topic.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze real-life conflicts in terms of their structure, dynamics, and underlying narrations and belief systems.
  • Explain and apply the problem solving and transformative mediation approaches to conflict resolution.
  • Explain negative and positive peace efforts and their effects on conflict.
  • Critically describe the various goals and methods of peace education.
  • Examine the causes, escalation, and consequences of a real-life conflict as well as peaceful methods of dealing with conflict.
  • Analyze efforts toward achieving world peace and the organizations in existence that help nations resolve conflict.