MATH101: Introduction to College Math

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course presents college math concepts and introduces basic algebraic concepts such as solving for unknowns in an equation and algebraic expressions. Course content covers:

  • Operations with whole numbers
  • Integers, real numbers, and algebraic expressions
  • Fractions and mixed numbers
  • Decimals and percentages
  • Using data, graphs, and statistics
  • Basic geometry

Students will use MyMathLab (a Pearson Education product) that offers an online learning tool to help master mathematical concepts. Each week, students will select resources in MyMathLab that they will use to learn the related math concept, complete exercises with their new knowledge, and then take a short quiz on the concepts they’ve just learned. Two tests are presented during the course – the first covering the concepts learned in the first four modules of the course and the second covering the concepts learned in the remainder of the course.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Solve equations and word problems with fractions, decimals, and integers using addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.
  • Perform operations with integers including ordering integers and finding absolute values.
  • Solve percent problems.
  • Use the order of operations as well as the distributive, associative, and commutative properties to evaluate expressions involving variables and expressions with powers.
  • Use formulas to find unknown variables.
  • Calculate average, median, and mode to interpret graphical or pictorial representations of data.
  • Use basic principles of geometry and other formulas for solving problems with area, volume, circumference, and perimeter.

Special Requirements

This course requires the use of MyMathLab (MML), which offers online exercises, quizzes, tests, and numerous resources for learning new math concepts. Note: At this time MyMathLab will not work with an Apple iPad. If your only option is to use an iPad, contact your Student Solutions Advisor.

Students must purchase the MML access code through the online JIU bookstore. The MML access code will remain active for 12 months from the time you first use it, which means there is no need to purchase a second MML access code for MATH201 unless the first MML access code expires.

Students will need to have access to, or purchase, Microsoft Excel to complete this course. It is highly suggested that you purchase the calculator identified in the online JIU bookstore and begin using it now.