MATH301: Business Mathematics

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course provides a variety of applications-based math tools and concepts for the business professional. Teaching an effective foundation on topics that include product pricing, inventory valuation, depreciation methods, payroll, investments, costs of borrowing money, and accounting basics, the basics needed for initial analysis of financial situations in business are covered.

In the course project, Financial Plan: Using Business Math to Analyze the Financial Conditions of a Company, students apply the mathematical concepts that have been practiced throughout the course. A final report is submitted outlining different analyses, strategies for investments and borrowing, return on investments (ROI), and goals and action plans for the company.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Apply mathematical formulas to solve business-related math problems.
  • Use business-related tools to make effective financial decisions.
  • Analyze outcomes of spreadsheet results.

Special Requirements

Packaged with the textbook, Practical Business Math Procedures, students will receive a users guide and access code for a math practice program called ALEKS for Business Math. This web-based program requires Internet access, and it will be used in each module of this course. Please note that if you purchase the textbook from a source other than the JIU Bookstore, it may not include the access code you need to complete work in this course. Therefore, WE RECOMMEND THAT YOU PURCHASE THIS ITEM ONLY FROM THE JIU BOOKSTORE.