MBA523: Emerging Technologies and Global Enterprise

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Course Overview

This course takes a systems approach to exploring how emerging technologies are implemented in enterprises as they grow to operate globally. It emphasizes that social/behavioral and technical components must be integrated to ensure the success of the global enterprise. Students will investigate a wide range of related topics including:

  • New business models and emerging technologies
  • Corporate culture, structure, and emotions
  • Proving the value of transformation
  • Resistance, compliance, and commitment in transformation

The course project is a Technology Transformation Plan: Implementing a New Technology. Students will choose an organization and propose a new use of a specific technology within the organization. The plan will include a competitor analysis, a technology audit, a SWOT analysis, a cultural and structural analysis, a communication and education plan, and a business case for the use of the new technology.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Describe new business models and new technologies for global enterprise.
  • Use tools to identify the emergence of new technologies and methodologies to evaluate their potential for strategic competitive advantage.
  • Develop technology transformation, analysis, and acquisition plans that are appropriate to a specific global business.
  • Conduct detailed technical redesign and social redesign of work processes in support of technology transformation, analysis, and acquisition plans.