MBA532: Managing the Health Care Professional

Course Credits:
Course Hours Per Week:

Course Overview

This course examines how human resources management practices can be applied most effectively in managing healthcare professionals. Healthcare managers routinely face challenging operational, ethical, and strategic choices. Indeed, managing even a small community hospital is remarkably complex, and the consequences of even minor errors are sobering. Students will investigate a wide range of related topics including:

  • Strategic management of healthcare human resources
  • Job design, recruitment, and selection
  • Performance management and training
  • Reward systems and compensation

The course project is a Job Analysis: Designing Procedures and Management Tools for Staffing a Specific Healthcare Position. Students will develop a job description, recruitment and selection procedures, performance management tools, and a compensation and benefits plan.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Complete a health profession analysis.
  • Based on your analysis of an organization's mission statement and other documents, explain what the human resources philosophy of an organization implies for the management of the organization.
  • Determine the structure, scope, and objectives of a state licensure board.
  • Complete a detailed job analysis, identifying the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and other attributes required to do the job.
  • Write an accurate job description based on your job analysis.
  • Identify effective ways that the Internet may be used in recruitment.
  • Develop a recruitment plan.
  • Develop a selection plan, and design selection tools to implement your plan.
  • Develop a performance management plan.