MBA541: Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship

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Course Overview

This course provides an introduction to entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial thinking and entrepreneurial practice.  It is the first in a consecutive series of four entrepreneurship courses. The course will begin to take the student through the process and the methods involved in the early stages of venture creation. This includes idea generation, business model design and a clarification of one’s own entrepreneurial stance.

This course is action-oriented.  Conceptual readings, reflection activities and assignments are designed to develop the student’s capacity for successful entrepreneurial activity.  Interviews with real-life entrepreneurs illustrate and expand each of the modules’ themes, further emphasizing the real-world character of the course.

In the course project, Entrepreneurial Self-Assessment: Applying Entrepreneurial Methods for New Venture Creation, students will describe and assess their new venture and themselves as an entrepreneurial resource with its unique strengths and limitations.  Students will apply idea-generation techniques to a new venture, develop a business model canvas and determine the resources needed to launch a new venture.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Apply methods of entrepreneurial idea generation to identify multiple venture ideas.
  • Assess existing relationships and social networks to determine their value as an entrepreneurial resource.
  • Generate, analyze and evaluate business models by using the “business canvas” method and entrepreneurial design principles.
  • Communicate a new venture concept to an important stakeholder group.
  • Identify resources required for venture development and sources for funding.
  • Apply a systematic reasoning process to select the most appropriate legal form for a new venture.