MBA542: Feasibility Analysis for New Ventures

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Course Overview

This course is consecutive to MBA541. In this course, students will evaluate the feasibility of a new venture in a well-researched step-by-step manner. Students will become familiar with key areas for research and methods of analysis to determine if a venture is likely to succeed and/or worthwhile to pursue further.  Key topics that will be addressed include:

  • Environmental and industry analyses as cornerstones for strategic thinking
  • Competitive situation, building competitive advantage and uniqueness for the venture
  • Financial forecasting for start-up ventures
  • The entrepreneur and his start-up team
  • Decision making and handling the results of a feasibility study

In the course project, Feasibility Analysis: Assessing the Odds of Venture Success, students will apply their research and analysis skills to determining if and why (or why not) their venture is feasible. This includes reflection about the entrepreneur/founder himself as a key factor in the venture’s future.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Articulate the role and issues involved in feasibility analyses in uncertain and global environments.
  • Analyze feasibility of a new venture from an industry perspective.
  • Analyze feasibility of a new venture from a customer and market perspective.
  • Analyze and strategize for a feasible competitive position.
  • Assess the human skill and talent needs for a new venture.
  • Conduct a resource analysis and financial forecasting for a new venture.
  • Present and write a feasibility study for a new venture.
  • Apply analytical skills for decision making about the feasibility of a venture.

Course Prerequisites