MBA550: Foundations of Information Systems

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Course Overview

This course provides a historical perspective on the effects of information technology on businesses, and then moves to a discussion of the information technology necessary to provide business functions and produce data. The course focuses on the business critical asset of data; how it is created, the ever increasing amount of it, and how to find the business value hidden within it.  The course then solidly grounds information technology in business value by introducing innovative business uses of information technology.

The course has eight sets of module-specific assignments that link the assigned readings and course content to students' discussions of information technology, and includes short papers on using information technology in business. Through assigned readings, discussions with peers, and research for short papers, students will obtain a firm grounding in information technology and the value data and the applications that produce data have for business in the 21st century.

Course Learning Objectives

  • Analyze how and why information systems are used today and the roles of information and information technology in 21st century organizations.
  • Summarize fundamental concepts and terminology associated with computer hardware, software, database management systems, and telecommunications.
  • Explain how technologies can enable globalization and streamlined organizational processes.
  • Identify sources of data that might contain valuable business information.
  • Describe the social implications of information systems along with the ethical and legal issues associated with the use of information technologies.
  • Evaluate methods of visualizing the information hidden in structured and unstructured data.